Fairfax County Government: West Nile Story (West Nile Virus Prevention Rap)

A new video from Fairfax County Govenrment premiered on June 6th, 2019:

"Insect biologist MC Bugg-Z rhymes a message of West Nile virus prevention. Learn the symptoms and risks of West Nile Virus, and how to protect yourself from mosquito bites that can make you sick. [...]

Using EPA-approved insect repellent, wearing light, loose clothing, and getting rid of standing water so mosquitoes cannot breed: these are the ways you can prevent infectious mosquito bites, MC Bugg-Z tells us in his rhyme. West Nile virus symptoms include fever, rash, aches and weakness. People over 60 have the highest risk of severe, neuroinvasive West Nile virus, which brings encephalitis and meningitis.

West Nile Story features talent and scenes Fairfax County Police Department, Virginia Run Elementary School in Centreville, Virginia, the Fairfax County Department of Fire and Rescue Fire Station 40, and the Fairfax County Park Authority – and we say Thank You!"

For the full text, policy links, and additional information, please visit Fairfax County Government on Youtube (or follow them on Twitter @fairfaxhealth).


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